Rosanna Puyol

Rosanna Puyol, Lectures
la Parole et l'Ecoute, cur. Marion Vasseur Raluy, Bagnoler, Bagnolet, 2019.

Rosanna Puyol, Lectures
Myco-TV, 7 rue de Juvisy, 2018

Translation of Joanna Russ, Quand cela a changé
EAAPES Reader #2, ed. Charlotte Houette & Clara Pacotte, DQ Press, The Cheapest University, 2018

Jozs Bitelli and Rosanna Puyol, Amateurism as Strategy
A co-authored text and expanded conversation between artist Jozs Bitelli and curator Rosanna Puyol which draws on and develops themes pulled from Bitelli's recent work, including amateurism, empathy, and the relationship between the medical subject and the body politic.
Orlando - Issue 02, 2017

Rosanna Puyol, Green
Poem accompanied by artwork from Olu David Ogunnaike
Orlando online, 2016

Rosanna Puyol, S'agit-il du vol, 2015

Rosanna Puyol, London Eye
revue Watts #2, 2015

Rosanna Puyol, Jade et Robert
Place de la Sorbonne 4, Editions du Relief, 2014

Rosanna Puyol, Sombrero Jack-je
Revers 2, 2013

Rosanna Puyol, Les joues rouges
Revers 1, 2012