Rosanna Puyol

Les pieds poudrés

Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni, Felix Melia and Luli Perez

Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni, SAGG + HRH + AMBER Yoga Class, 2015
photograph by Oskar Proctor

Série de performances par Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni, Felix Melia et Luli Perez.

belly up facing the sky
comme dire ou produire

portez le poids de mon corps, voyez mon âme et résistez au silence du corps public.

Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni (born 1991, Naples) is a London based artist working with performance, branding and collaboration. Creating through a learning process, the artist's practice refers to DIY culture as a contemporary reference to enlightenment. She incorporates others' practices to her own, questioning the possibility of some one practice and investigating dependency and freedom experience, extraction from commercial realm.
Gianni received a BA in Fine Art from Camberwell College of the Arts, London (2014) and is currently part of the MFI research educational programme at Flat Time London.

Felix Melia (born 1990, UK) lives and works in London. His work stems from the conflict between primary experiences and the second hand narratives of representation. With a practice that incorporates video, sculpture and performance Melia attempts to unpack and distill the metaphorical potential of places and events as the impact on the performance of the self and the process of individuation. His work explores relationships between collective and corporeal movement.
Selected shows, screenings and performances include, 'HUAK-TUH!', 2013, at Organ Haus Gallery, Chongqing ; 89Plus Serpentine Marathon, 2013, at Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London ; AirBNB Pavilion, 2014, at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice ; 'Where City Meets Fringe', 2014, at The Depot, London ; '30 Years of the Future', 2014, at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester ; The Biennale of Moving Image at Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva, 2014, and The Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania, 2015 ; 'All in A Clearing', 2015, at Lima Zulu, London ; 'Moving Sickness', 2015, with Flat Time House, London, as part of The Best Scene is Off Screne, Pt 2: The Street; 'This Place is Really Nowhere', 2015, at Jupiter Woods, London; 'Survival is Not Enough', 2015, at Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul.

Luli Perez (born 1983, Madrid, Spain) is based in London. Luli perez's work is a search for invisible truths, the ones hidden between action, process and change. Using mainly performance, but also video, sound, text and installation, she makes experiments with sequences, time, positions and distances, to see what happens - and to inform future work. There are layers of reality (contexts, views) and to frame them or give them another perspective drives the work forward. Recent exhibitions include 'Live to Camera' at A4 Space at Alserkal Avenue, Dubai, UAE, 2015; 'Out of That Forest' at Kottinspektionen Gallery, Uppsala, Sweden, 2015; 'In the Moment of Doing' at Testbed 1, London, UK, 2015. She is currently completing a Fine Art MA at Royal College of Art, London.

Wednesday 7 October 2015 9pm.

Le Carreau du Temple

Curated by Rosanna Puyol

Merci Chase C. Middleton, Elsa Nemo, Agathe Brunetti, Nanouk Puyol et Hannah Rosselin.

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Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni, SAGG Demonstration, 2015, video, music by Chase C. Middleton, filmed by Hannah Rosselin

Sofia A. Ginevra Gianni, SAGG Demonstration trailer, 2015, video, music by Chase C. Middleton, filmed by Oskar Proctor

Luli Perez, Lateral record, 2015, video, filmed by Rosanna Puyol inside the performance

Luli Perez, Lateral, 2015, documentation, filmed by Hannah Rosselin outside the performance (both videos may be played simultaneously)